Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where's My Damn Discount?

My lady stopped by the liquor store on her way home from work, a local little store run by some of the nicest folk you'll ever hope to meet. We are recognized there and usually pass a few friendly words back and forth. The owner's wife frequently works behind the counter; a pretty, slight woman who always has a smile and kind words. Today she says "I wish you would have come in ten minutes earlier".

It seems three young men put a $55 bottle of Patron on the counter. And proceed to demand a discount. You see, they are displaced New Orleans evacuees. Many local businesses and eateries have signs out advertising discounts for victims of Katrina. Therefore, it goes, the discounts should apply everywhere. Our friend explains that discounts generally apply to those things we regard as necessities such as food and shelter; to her mind expensive liquor is not something you 'need' but something you 'want'. The men become abusive, cursing and calling her names. They scare her so badly that she locks the doors after they leave, opening it only for familiar customers.

If you've watched the media coverage at all you are jumping to conclusions. Don't. These guys were white The other thing I should mention: they paid for their purchase with a Red Cross debit card. Meanwhile, our friend is standing true to her words. When my lady laughingly asks if she's going to get a discount she says "Do you want me to tell you?"


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

smart ass 'Lady' mean customers!Yeah...that's it...customers!


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