Friday, September 30, 2005

Not Ready For Prime Time

I'm not ready to do this. I set this account up as a lark because I wanted to see what kind of templates were available and maybe get a glimpse of the underlying code. OK, now I know. Sneaky the way they make you post in order to preview. Exposing myself to the www is not a problem, nothing I haven't done before. But the web is already inundated with useless words and I hate to add to the trashpile with an experiment. Well, what the heck, I've come this far already...

Do ya think someone will ever come up with an internet garbage collection service? For all the antiquated HTML and Windows95 Tutorials? And if so, will a new industry spring up around it? You can just see the terrible logistics of it already. Because ya can't just toss this stuff anywhere. Here's a partial list of what would be involved: you would need scientists to study the target content to determine if a problem actually exists, engineers to determine the best methods of disposal. You would need a consortium to propose specs, politicians to create policy and take credit, lawyers to interpret the new canon.

Look I'm not even scratching the surface here. You have your support and maintenance personnel, admininistration and clerical... At some point even the neignborhood associations would get involved: "Look, yer little homesite is becoming an eyesore." There's something for everyone here. New curriculum for teachers, new sermons for preachers. And a recycling industry would probably benefit as much as anyone since one man's poison is still another man's medicine. As long as it's not another blog that goes "well I'm bored and I really don't have much to say right night now so see y'all later".

I've got an overwhelming urge to listen to The Allman Bothers 'Wasted Words'.